Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Born Free

Model: Pierangeli Méndez
Photography: Quique Cabanillas
Styling & Creative Direction: Melissa Hernández

 This Born Free collection is about everything badass about this country. Let yourself go, don't look back, set yourself loose and don't get attached. Buy the ticket, take the ride. Featuring truly vintage Harley Davidson shirts & amazing leather vests found all around NYC, sweet handcrafted brass form our brother Witness Company, hot body jewelry from FiLiLí and of course super rad bikes from our friends and neighbors from The Shop.

We're super excited with this new space these guys from The Shop are going to open soon in our neighborhood in Bushwick. They are going to be right in front of us.. literally.  With ice cold beers, BBQs, bikes, and the All-American thing.. The space is huuugee! So make sure to like them on FB so you can go to their opening and get properly wasted. 

Also special thanks to Chris and Jason Goodrich for your sweet bikes and kindness. Check out Jason's photography.. featuring Iggy Pop along with other great portraits.

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