Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Editorial: A PRISM▲TIC T▲LE

These post-apocalyptic Sandy days I've been stuck in my house, which leads me to cook delightnesses, read, love my boyfriend and my cats, eat like crazy (today I decided to at least go out and run), and.. blog like crazy. I've been finding so many cool things these days that I'm kind of enjoying being stranded in Brooklyn.

I just ran into this editorial on facebook for Luisa Via Roma (Which I liked immediately). They're a Luxury Online Shop which I can just only dream about. Thanks to Carmel Imelda Walsh for sharing her team with us. Great job on this shoot! :)

Hair - Sasso Gianluca 

Hair sculpture - Micheal Paulsinelli

International studio hair & makeup - Academy F, Firenze 

Makeup - Nhami Orlando & Caterina Pelosi

Style and Concept - Carmel Imelda Walsh

Assistant Stylist - Diletta Bonaiuti

Backstage - Giulia Savorelli 

Special thanks to Castello Sammezzano

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Moroccan Rocks!


"Hassan Hajjaj is a Morrocan photographer who lives in Marrakech for half of the year (and the other half in London), where he spends time photographing the people he meets. He began taking the photographs for his first series My Rockstars: Volume 1 in1998. Hajjaj carefully constructs each image, often dressing his subjects in clothes he has made himself, against backdrops he carefully selects. Each image is then framed in a hand made frame constructed from anything from wood to Coca Cola cans." - via Think Designer Prints

Monday, October 29, 2012


Leslie Davis is a graphic designer, art designer and illustrator based in Paris. We've always loved the combination of photography with illustration, but this one is at another level! It's like a corroded film made out of paint that adds such an organic-ness to any setting. The color combinations are amazing! They flow in such a natural way. We are fans.

Friday, October 26, 2012

⋙-----Wild Wild West----->

Lately we're into cowboys, native americans, buckles, fringes, stacked rings, wool hats, arrowheads, boots, distressed jeans, messy hair, tattoos, leather jackets, vintage rock band tees and graphic patterns. It kind of adds some baddasness to your persona.  Makes us want to drink beer, shoot cans and dance to The Cramps.

Images via: Bummer California, Alexandra Valenti, Spell Designs, Purse n' Boots, The Flower of Fixed Ideas & random tumblr finds.