Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Made by Coyote Negro

I'm beyond excited to show you the very first piece I made! A brass breastplate piece morphed into a leather harness. I'm always inspired in different cultures and ethnicities, so this one is from west Africa and the Fulani people. I first did the breastplate using the lost wax technique. Then connected the leather to the piece with very delicate rivets. I love the minimalism of the back part. Just a simple bar decorating your back.. so you can rock front and back.. oh and the sides.. they open and close with snap buttons and you can choose between yin and yang.. black or white.. or both :)

Get it here

There are more things coming up to the shop.. rings, hair pieces, chokers, earrings.. but i'm still working on those. You can see how things are coming along on instagram @coyotenegro.

Shot & Styled by Nosotrus
 Model: Bre Lembitz

Monday, July 7, 2014

D&E x Coyote Negro

I'm super excited to announce our collab with the rad ladies from Daisy & Elizabeth. With this piece we’ve managed to infuse D&E’s free-spirited, sultry, rock n’ roll vibe with our boho-rad, mystical aesthetic.

We created a natural vegetable tanned leather harness, with soft, clean lines and minimal antiqued brass hardware. An empowering piece that enhances the powerful female silhouette. 
I love how this piece, aside from being a badass harness, is still feminine and delicate. It's like this super sweet lady like woman that will punch you in the face if you fuck around with her. The back part was inspired by vintage western gun holsters. So yes.. it's a very powerful piece so watch out...

It's so funny that when I met Daisy & Elizabeth we didn't know we were neighbors.. Bushwick neighbors! So many good things happening in the 'hood. They're two super talented beautiful girls. Some of our meetings included beer and pickle backs. So it didn't feel like work most times.

The harness is available for Pre-Order at the >>shop<<.

Have you checked out D&E lingerie and swim collection? If you haven't, go >>here<< I love the High Noon Bikini Top.

Photography & Creative Direction by Nosotrus  Model: Hadar Shira Yehezkel