Monday, August 25, 2014

Crystal Acid

Really digging the artwork of Malena Lopez-Maggi. Love the color combinations, shapes and textures. They are something like crystals but from another dimension. So genius!

Check out her artwork here

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wild Thing

Bad Gal Rihanna: The World's Wildest Style Icon

W Magazine's September Issue  

She got me with this one! The whole styling, hair & makeup is insane. Bravo! 

Via The Cool Hour

Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera

"The Bronx is considered one of the most diverse communities in America, as well as the home of Hip Hop and Salsa. For the families who have called this borough a home, Orchard Beach remains a treasured respite from the sweltering confines of the concrete jungle. Wayne Lawrence’s portraits of these summertime regulars celebrate the pride and dignity of those who frequent Orchard Beach."

Thursday, August 14, 2014


One day.. stumbling across the infinite inspirational world of tumblr I saw the illustration of the hand with the arrow and I immediately heard a voice with an echo telling me "Melissaaaaa..come to meeee..follow my pathhh." Suddenly I found myself in the beautiful website of the Mexican-American artist Llew Mejia. Love the vintage modern style, his color palettes and the humor in some of his work. I could easily get something from this guy tattooed. Also.. that tarot card just got me thirsty for more. He's also a pattern maker.. how cool would it be to make a bathing suit, dress or a wallpaper with any of his patterns!? Check out Llew Mejia website and get lost <3

Monday, August 11, 2014

Vampire Summer

Every summer I try to make it a point to do more summery things that involve the sun, nature, and being outside as much as possible. But what happens? I fall in the same old vampire routine of working indoors during the day and going out at night. Thats whats happens when you live in this concrete jungle we call "home". If 'home is where the heart is', I should start packing soon and heading somewhere with more that 72 warm days a year. Don't get me wrong, I love NY as much as any souvenir T-Shirt you can buy in Chinatown, but it sucks the life (and the color) out of you. (oh.. and your bank account... dry... like Black Rock Desert in Nevada during burning man, except it's no fun and you are sober). 

Every day I consider more the option of buying a (used) car and hitting the road every single weekend. Every. Single. Weekend. This past Saturday, we went to Long Beach to meet up with a friend who was spending her birthday at the beach. Wow! What a mission to get there. We left Bushwick around 1:00pm, and 3 trains and some boring wait time later, we arrived at out destination at around 4:00pm. But I have to say, once you're there, not surrounded by masses of buildings, you forget for a while that you live in the city. I think it's true that the sea can cure any illness. In my case.. city illness

If you're following me on Instagram you're probably aware of the new Hair Pin collection I put out. I'm addicted to these guys. I would wear them to bed if I could but I might rollover and stab my boyfriend in the eye or something. Safety first! I'm also wearing Kiini Swim top for the first time since I got it a couple of weeks ago. I love this New York based swimwear designer's line. It's like a modern version of crochet, since she mixes it with elastic bands and high tech fabrics. Very refreshing concept (literally). And now, back to work and the vampire routine (although I might just take another well deserved break and go lay in the kiddie pool we bought for our yard). 

What about you guys? What have you done in the summer? Any recommendations before this turns into the dark ages again?


Todos los veranos me propongo a hacer cosas mas veraniegas en las que envuelvan sol, naturaleza y a vivir mas en el exterior y que pasa? Recaigo en el rutina vampirezca; trabajar de día y salir de noche. Eso es lo que pasa viviendo en esta ciudad. Así que lo que queda del verano nos propusimos a exprimirlo. Cada vez considero mas la opción de tener un carro en la cuidad y coger calle los fines de semana.

Esta vez nos fuimos a Long Beach.. wow. que misión!! salimos a las 1:00 y llegamos a las 4:00 a la playa! Se le va a uno el día completo! Pero una vez llegas se te olvida todo, se te olvida hasta que vives en la ciudad. La verdad es que el mar es la cura para todo mal. 

Si me están siguiendo en Instagram, sabrán que ya saque la colección de Hair Pins los cuales estoy adicta! Si lo pudiera usar para dormir también lo usaría! Entonces también ando estrenando el top de Kiini swim. Me fascina la linea de esta diseñadora de trajes de baño basada en NYC. Es como una version moderna del crochet ya que lo mezcla con elásticos y tela high tech. Super refrescante su concepto (literalmente). 

Ok ahora a seguir en el mambo laboral. Y ustedes que han hecho en el verano? Que me recomiendan en lo que queda del verano? Un abrazo grande.