Wednesday, November 27, 2013

She's with the band

Electric Ladyland
Sugarhigh+Lovestoned Winter 2013

Photographer: Aaron Feaver
Model: Natalie Bergman of the band Wild Belle
Direction, Design & Styling: Chloe Chippendale & Tami Snodgrass

We're obsessed with the latest winter lookbook by Sugarhigh+Lovestoned shot on location at Jimi Hendrix's old house in the canyon of dreams, with band babe Natalie Bergman of Wild Belle by photographer Aaron Feaver. Can this get any better? Besides a great lookbook, all the new arrivals at their shop are insane! Starting with that electric ladyland goddess fringe dress, ooh my! I wouldn't take it off for anything in the world. I would party in it, sleep in it, have sex in it. I think I would even do my groceries in it! And those hats are just too perfect. These SH+LS girls never stop impressing and inspiring me. You can tell we're fans.

Shop the collection at

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wanderlust: Argyle, NY

You've probably heard about Airbnb. I think it's one of my favorite inventions so far! We've met so many nice people and stayed in amazing places that a hotel or hostel can't give you. It's something more intimate and special.

This time it was a gift from my boyfriend; our 6 year anniversary. We rented a car and drove from Brooklyn to Argyle... 4 hours. I always enjoy getting out of the city and just drive surrounded by the big sky and green landscapes. When we arrived we met Victoria. The owner of the cabin. This lady is one of the most special persons I've met recently. Just to tell you bit about her.. her first concert was Led Zeppelin, she's vegan and grows her own food and as you will see, her sense of decoration is impeccable! You enjoy every single detail she puts into everything. You would think she's a professional interior decorator. Which for me, she is. She's actually an antique collector and sometimes she sells her stuff on Etsy.  Here's a little tour around the cabin.

She greeted us with fresh hand-picked herbs and flowers from her yard.

Which later became rosemary mint buckwheat ployes! With fresh handpicked blackberries

This is the bathroom

and this is Quique taking shower! I love love love outdoor showers. There's great hot water btw!

We scored some finds for the shop

This house is a Mason Jar museum and there's all kinds of Mason jars for sale and not for sale as well. They're super cheap (compared with Brooklyn prices).

We went to an antique fair Victoria told us about.

Pumpkin hanged with us the whole time. What a great cat! RIP sweetheart.

Quique tried to teach him some guitar lessons. He did his best to learn but it was a bit difficult for him to play the guitar.

Custom Etched Plate Necklace by FiLiLí available here.

There's so many fresh corn around! We grilled them and put some Veganaise with garlic and onion salt. I could eat that every single day!

My favorite overall. We have still have some jumpers at the shop

If you enjoy simple living and/or need a little getaway from the city, I definitely recommend this place! Going with your lover, with a friend or just by yourself is so worth it. A great place to relax and get inspired. 

Here's the link to book this amazing cabin:
If you go, say hi to Victoria for me!