Thursday, June 20, 2013

Surf Like a Girl

Leave work early, catch some waves, keep your salty beach hair, eat some fish tacos, siguelo de corrido para la barrita de la esquina y que se joda.. mañana es viernes!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Introducing: Projet 201

We're super excited with this new artist joining the Coyote Negro family! Her name is Vero Pascolini and she's the amazing woman behind Projet 201. She takes old forgotten materials form the craft world and turns them into amazingness. Because of the nature of this process, there's only one piece of each. Everything form Projet 201 comes directly from France so now we have cool stuff from the other side of the wold as well. Everything is up online and ready to go at

"I don't want what everyone else has"
-Projet 201

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Model >> Ileana Mariela Hernández
Photographer >> Quique Cabanillas
Styling / Creative Direction >> Melissa Hernández

This one's for the beach bums, the "everything with coconut", the sandal wearers, the oyster eaters, the moon gazers, the night time skinny dippers, the pool party crashers, the salty beach hair babes and the one's that have been wondering: when's the summer gonna start??

I'm more than excited with this summer lookbook! A simple day at the beach that became a beach shoot with my gorgeous sister and my lover/photographer. We shot everything in Puerto Rico between Piñones and one of my favorite girl's grandma's beach house… Mabel. It had been a while since we visited the island. Every time I go I ask myself what am I doing in New York? Then I remember: work!  I think Piñones is one of my favorite places in the metropolitan area because it makes me feel i'm not in the metro, it has the nicest beaches in the area and the most sinful and delicious food you'll ever find. 

So for this summer lookbook we went super tropical..with vibrant colors, mixed patterns, soft fabrics, a super breezy loose fit with super shorty shorts. We are loving the oversized look. Who wants to be all tight on a hot summer day!? Kind of effortless but sexy at the same time. Hope you like it :) and if you're going to Puerto Rico feel free to ask for recommendations! We know super cool places which we'll share with you soon.

About the bathing suits.. They are Pan Dulce and they belonged to my aunt Liyi. She used to be a Miss Hawaiian Tropic back in the days so you can imagine ;) She gave them to my sister and she won't let them go. Which means they're not for sale.. sorry ladies. I'll keep my eyes open to see if I can find some of those. 

We'll be uploading more stuff soon! Follow us on Instagram @coyotenegro and FB so you can get thing first.