Wednesday, February 19, 2014

▲ Unearthen ▲

In love with this lookbook Olivia Jaffe did for the collaboration between Unearthen jewelry + Skin and Bones. I love the matte 70's feel, the psychedelic-ness and the simplicity of it.

Thanks Stoned Immaculate for sharing this <3

Monday, February 17, 2014


So here's Louis Philippe de Gagoue rocking a sequin gilet from Coyote Negro! When I saw that colorful shiny gilet hanging from one of my favorite thrift shops in the city I couldn't contain myself to send it overseas to this handsome Afro-Moroccan babe.  Did you see the leggings as well?! They have avocados! And the shirt from Ghitta Laskrouif is something very serious.. fucking love it. 

Check out more killer outfits from Louis >>here <<♥ 
Photography by Yasmine Hatimi

Friday, February 14, 2014


Today we celebrate all kinds of love and all its goodness, badness, complications, kitschyness, happiness & craziness. The good and the bad ones.. because from the bad we learn to know ourselves better, what we like, what we hate.. what makes us happy, and our limits. We get to form stronger friendships and stronger selves. 
And to the good ones because love comes in all kinds of sizes, shapes and breeds. Not just a lover, but a good friend, our sisters, brothers and family. Our pets that love us no matter what. 
So this mix tape has a bit of everything.. starting with this random lady from the 80's Italo Disco scene called Raimunda Navarro. Her music is so bad (for my taste).. but I just love this piece. For the ones that don't understand.. this is what she's saying.

"I want to shout to the highest mountain. 
Tell the world I've found love and what it means to me. 
But what surrounds me is violence and laws that fasten me.
Maybe one day they'll understand... Love is not only a man and a woman. 
Love is strange and out of control." 

Hope you like it and much as I do!

So to all of you my lovers.. Happy Valentine's day!


1- Raimunda Navarro- "Quisiera gritar de la montaña mas alta"
2- Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
3- Los Brincos - Tu Me Dijiste Adios
4- Holly Golightly - If I Could Just Be Loved By You
5- The Modern Lovers - Someone I Care About
6- Jacob Miller - Baby I Love You So
7- Las Grecas - Te Estoy Amando Locamente
8- Matias Aguayo - Aonde
9- Gustavo Cerati - Beautiful
10- Draco Rosa - Amantes Hasta el Fin
11-Los Zafiros - La Luna En Tu Mirada
12- Draco Rosa - Hablando del Amor

Bonus Track: Tyler, The Creator - IFLY

Images are from our Pinterest Board "AMOR" and our Tumblr

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FiLiLí x Mara Hoffman FW14

Saturday was a very special day for us. Besides witnessing the fabulous Mara Hoffman FW14 collection, our beloved Luiny from FiLiLí  officially debuted her Tuareg collection along with her! I couldn't be more excited since she is a big muse for us and having one of our Coyote Negro family members being part of this collection had me speechless. 

So our friend Monica Félix went backstage with her camera and took these amazing photographs while I was being a spectator. I couldn't contain myself of wanting everything I was looking at! I loved the hooded scarves and all the rich textures every piece had. 

Because of the nature of Hoffman's iconic heavy prints, FiLiLí's jewelry served as a simple touch that enhanced the whole look and feel. Solid, strong and simply modern tribal-esque shapes with geometric details complemented each style from head to toe (literally). The complete collection felt like a modern reinterpretation of an female african baddass tribe.

Get the Crystal Chain Bracelet by FiLiLí  > here <

Get the Round Back Necklace by FiLiLí > here <

I loved the arm cuffs and the chokers! I'm just waiting for better weather to start rocking these pieces. FiLiLí's Tuareg collection is inspired by the Berber nomads of the Sahara Desert. Each piece is unique and soon will be available at our shop.

Meanwhile.. check out some of the featured jewelry at

All photographs where taken by Mónica Félix. Check out her work here