Monday, January 27, 2014


These photographs are from a South African creative mind called Ralph Ziman. This is the first time he's exposed to the gallery world, although he's worked before as an director for numerous known artists. For this project called "Ghosts" he commissioned several artisans working on the streets of Johannesburg to create beaded sculptures of AK-47s, crafted in the traditional Shona style, and did a photo shoot of the creators with their work.

Besides all the beautiful colors and contrasts, the photographic series brings an interesting political connotation: Ghosts prods the viewers to learn more about the arms trafficking industry from powerful, foreign nations to Africa and the violence and injustice it has bred. 

The Ghosts photo series and Ziman’s collaborative sculptures will debut as a solo show of the same title at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice, CA on February 8. The proceeds from the show are going to Human Rights Watch. The photos have also been making appearances as street art pieces in Ziman’s adopted home of Los Angeles. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Almost Vegan Quiche

So here's our first food post! We're adding some deliciousness to our blog as you can see. Besides dressing well, we love to eat well and by eating well we mean it in all ways possible. Our recipes will all be mostly vegetarian (sometimes pescetarian) and we'll try to bring you recipes that you'll feel good during and after you eat them. 
This first recipe I have to give complete credit to my friend Raquel Torres who brought this quiche to our Christmas pot luck and it was gone in less than 30 minutes. Then I took the crust recipe from this blog, since I'm trying to reduce as much wheat as possible.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Iselin Steiro for Vogue China by Solve Sundsbo

I'm in love with those chunky black gladiator sandals and all the wardrobe AND location!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Today I want to take a moment and say how amazing Cher was! Before all this (auto-tune on) Do you believe in life after love (auto tune off), when she was in the folk scene... man, she rocked it! She had kind of a traumatic childhood and a very extensive career history which you can read here.  She's such a chameleonic character that has left a great legacy on the iconic 60's fashion scene, popularizing the jet black long hair, bell-bottoms, bare midriff, bandanas and Cherokee-inspired tunics. Can we ask for more? I didn't know she even had a clothing line. I don't love the music she's doing now but I have massive respect for what she has accomplished.  Plus she still looks great.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coyote Negro Shirts!

We're beyond excited with our new collaboration with illustrator Lorraine Rodriguez ! We've known her for a while, and she's quite a special lady. The artwork is inspired by tattoo flash sheets. Every time I wear this shirt it makes me want to get one of those inked! We only did a short run of these so get them while they last.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Crystal Queen

 Yesterday, while having some drinks with Luiny from FiLiLí, she showed me this insane crown collection by Elemental Child. There was silence for about a minute while looking at every single detail of this beautiful crystal crown collection. The line is practically new since it launched in November '13. It's influenced by science fiction, fantasy, magic, and 70's rock and roll. "Think Led Zeppelin writing songs about Tolkien and you're on the right page". I feel I can find one of these crowns hiding under a rock you can only break with a magic sword. I'm in love. 

Shop the collection here

¡Feliz Día de Reyes!