Sunday, October 7, 2012

☾◆ Noche de Brujas ◆☽

Our favorite holiday, Halloween; The night where you become whatever you want to be. This year we're inspired by witches, storytellers, mystic creatures & warriors thanks to the Sleep No More Carnival des Corbeaux Halloween Celebration*.  If you're in New York for that week you shouldn't miss this one. 

Building your own character/costume is way more interesting and special than just opening a bag and putting on a disposable costume that you won't ever use again. Just buy interesting pieces that you can later wear separately. For example, a cool corset with some ripped jeans or a nice gypsy skirt (we have a very cool one at the shop) with a tank top and a leather jacket. Just plan ahead and have fun! Be whatever you want to be, not just in halloween.

*Sleep No More takes a non-linear approach to its storytelling, allowing theatregoers to freely explore the dark environment, where scenes, tableaux and scenarios play out, conjuring the world and themes of Shakespeare's bloody tale. Audience members don masks and must be silent during the experience. Participants are encouraged to open drawers, pull back curtains, read private notes and journals as they navigate the shadowy, music-filled world.

Images via Alexandra Valenti, Tumblr, NY Public Library, Twisted Lamb & random finds on the Internet.

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