Thursday, July 4, 2013


Today is that red, white and blue day.. yep.. american flag bikinis, distressed shorts and budweisers..damn, sounds hot! But where are they made? We prefer to do it in a different way.. with jewelry ;) Handmade in USA jewelry. This amazing Americana extravaganza is handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY by William Bryan Purcell and we're super excited with these new's like wearing a little part of USA on you.

"We are red white and blue through and through, inspired by everything badass about our country, our history, all the crazy characters that helped to define who we are, and what we do. We are just like them too, a band of brothers and sisters who continue to shape this Union. It is this spirit and ethos that echoes throughout our collection of hand crafted men and women’s personal adornment." -Witness Company
Being a vintage hunter I always check on tags.. to see where stuff is made. I noticed that back in the day when the economy was better, mostly everything was Made in USA. But nowadays everything is Made in China! I bet the American flag is also made in China..I think the best way to show patriotism is to support local; local artists, local food, local production.. not only just today.

I don't celebrate the 4th of July but for me any holiday is a good excuse to have fun.. like 5 de mayo.. (which is not Mexico's Independence day btw)… besides wearing my Indian Chief Ring.. I'm going to a friend's patio party and eat some veggie burgers and probably drink some stout.. or maybe the most american drink of all times "Tinto de Verano".. and yes.. maybe some distressed shorts would be nice or some overalls.. don't know yet.. but being american or not, just have fun and double check your labels before leaving your house.. wear something local everyday :) 

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Photography by Quique Cabanillas

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