Monday, August 12, 2013

Wanderlust: Puerto Rico

As many of you already know.. Puerto Rico is ma' hometown. Every time a friend plans a trip to PR, they ask me where they should go.. so I decided to make a blog-post dedicated to it. All my favorite things and places in one. No sponsoring, no tourist traps..just the real thing.  All the pictures are from different trips we've done after moving out.. I felt a bit melancholic thinking that summer is coming to an end, but in PR it's summer all year long, so if you want to spend some summer days in Fall or even Winter, just hop on a plane and head to this little slice of paradise..

1. Tropical Tree Houses in Rincon
These amazing tree houses are all made of bamboo (grown by the owner on the premises). They are a retired couple who decided to do it in Rincon, PR. The vibe, the sunsets, the breeze.. This place is kinda magical.

Malia Mills x Cydwoq Empire sandals. I've been almost sleeping in these!

You shower outdoors here!

2. Drink coconuts everywhere!

This one below is called "El Pirata Especial" and you can get it at the hotel Villa Cofresi.. which for my taste this place is kinda tacky and touristy, BUT.. the coconut drink here is crazy delicious! And with just one you're ready to go! If you like whiskey, ask everywhere if they have fresh coconut water and have it made with that. And of course.. drink it by itself.. the most ripe (yellow with black marks) is sweeter and better. 

3. Try a "Quesito" or a "Mallorca"
Try "La Mallorca" in Old San Juan.. just get it with butter, as a grilled cheese or if you eat meat, order it with ham and cheese..  and with coffee! Yum.

4. Go to Caja de Muertos (Coffin Island...because it's shaped like a coffin)

5. Watch the Sunsets

6. Go to Gilligan's Island
Bring snorkeling gear! There's lots of fishes around. This is a natural reserve so you will see it's a beautiful place to spend time enjoying nature at it's fullest eating "empanadillas de chapin" (fish turnovers) and "carrucho salad" (conch). You can order delivery here! yes.. delivery to the island, on a boat! (no minimum for ordering). The ride to get here is like 5 bucks roundtrip.

7. Camp in Toro Negro

.... and sacrifice your friends. (kidding!) 

7.  Go to Vieques...
and stay at the Hix House

Go to Playa Negra or Black beach because the sand is black!

Go to La Plata Beach because the sand is white!

8. Eat an Açai Bowl

9. Enjoy the colonial architecture

and the not so colonial architecture as well...

10. Check out all the murals around Santurce

11. Have brunch in Abracadabra

12. Have fun :)

 This is a random picture of us at la Taberna del Lupulo. It was Quique's birthday and he was injured.

More stuff!

Metropolitan Area:
Bars: La Factoria, El Batey, La Taverna del Lupulo, La Respuesta, El Local
Food: Pizzeria de Pirilo, Cafe Saint Germain, La Chola, La Casita Blanca, Jose Enrique
Theatre: Teatro Breve (Comedy live show.. in spanish)
Beach: Piñones

El Yunque
Toro Verde Zip-line
Vieques Bioluminicent Bay
Cueva La Ventana

Tres Chorros

Any other thing or question, let me know!


  1. Nice! Makes me want to do a VIP version of it. Lets just add the oldest?/biggest Ceiba at Vieques:

    1. Wow! No sabia que esa super Ceiba vivia ahi! Que lindo, Gracias por la aportacion :) <3

  2. Awesome post! The treehouse is AMAZING!!!

  3. Porfavor necesito saber como quedarme en ese lugar en Rincón!!! I am in love with it!!!