Tuesday, December 30, 2014

.:: Earthships ::.

Why everyone should live in an earthship..

1) The architecture is beautiful 
2) They're 50% made out of recycled materials 
3) They're auto-sustainable, which means.. no utility bills.. EVER! 

When I first entered the place I felt I was stepping into another dimension. The smell, the architecture, the surroundings, the peace. I loved that you could see the sun rising and the moon disappear while the sky orchestrated its majestic color symphony. I received my 30's there. We stayed 2 whole days inside this place.. I loved being naked feeling the sun's heat, then opening a door to feel the cold breeze.

As I mentioned before.. the earthships are built with 50% recycled materials. For this, they use old vehicle tires as insulators and glass bottles to let the sun come through. Water is gathered from rain & melted snow and it's used four times. 

I guess this kind of architecture is unlikely to catch on considering the type of society we live in. 


  1. I don't comment on blogs often, I'm not much of a conversationalist online I guess but...I just have to say how much I dig your travel posts. I feel like we have similar eyes. Anyway, sending you good vibes from Texas. Keep rockin it.

  2. Thank you so much Andrea! So glad to read that.. Good vibes to you too <3