Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Get ready to step into boot heaven and go insane. The last day we spent in New Mexico we decided to go to Santa Fe. The first shop we entered was "Back at the Ranch" and ohh my.. I think I haven't been the same since then. My eyes have never seen, my hands have never touched such an incredible boot. I was going crazy but couldn't afford any of these beauties, like a kid with diabetes at a candy store. I just enjoyed myself looking and talking with the store lady about their boots. She told me they've been open since 1990. All the boots are handcrafted in Texas and the leather is locally sourced. They mostly do custom boots so you can go crazy with designs here. 

Second row please... ALL OF THEM!

Rain or shine.. 

These were my favorites ones (I think). Loved the chunky sole and the olive green suede. Everything about them. Could wear them day and night. every. single. day.

Good news! They have an online shop. Just a heads up.. they are luxury boots so they aren't cheap, but I bet they'll last you a lifetime and your granddaughter, and your great granddaughter's lifetime.

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