Friday, December 12, 2014

<< Wanderlust: New Mexico >>

El Triangulo Pinky Ring - V-Ring & El Reflejo 

El Abuelo Signet Ring + Vintage finds

I went to New Mexico for my 30th birthday.. yes 30.. I've reached that line! I've always thought about it like being such a big deal. Like I would already have my life figured out and I'd be working a 9 to 5 job, getting ready to get married and thinking about names for babies. But let me tell you that this is the most imprecise and unstable time of my life and I'm enjoying the hell out of it (except for the moments I say "what's my next move?" "Where is my money going to come from?")

So, I wanted to receive this new phase in a quiet and beautiful environment. A place where I could get high on nature and landscapes, eat guacamole for breakfast and escape from the clusterfuck that is this city we live in. New Mexico (Taos, mainly) was the perfect match. We took many many pictures so I decided to segment the posts. We stayed at an old train boxcar we found via Airbnb with the most sweetest hosts we could ever get. After a few nights there, we moved to an Earthship House (I'll share more about that sometime next week) and it was one of the sickest experiences ever! We traveled around and spent most of our time on the road, looking for hot springs and vintage jewelry. Something I noticed about Taos is that there wasn't that many young people as we're used to seeing in NY. A lot of retired people. But it doesn’t feel old. Everyone has a young spirit and that was lovely to encounter. We didn't experience the nightlife, though. I guess we weren't in the mood for that since it's what we do in Brooklyn. Maybe that’s where they gather…who knows?
If you like all things western and the Navajo vibe.. this is the mothership of Westerness. So much amazing Navajo jewelry, textiles, baskets, leather, ceramics. One thing we missed was the White Sands Desert… Lately I've seen it popping up a lot on social media… don't know why. Maybe I’ll make over there on my next trip.

New Mexico is a great place to be with yourself. To connect again with nature. We live so segregated in our cement boxes (or rather dry-wall) that we forget where we come from. What's our purpose in life? We met a girl at a hot spring, and she asked us: What's the most powerful experience you've ever lived? I kept thinking about it for days and it's something I prefer to keep to myself. But you should think about it and be thankful for what you have, what you've achieved, your health, your family, your surroundings. Don't live to work but rather, work to live. 

Actually, forget about work and just live.