Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Metal Stoned

We're used to seeing amethysts and quartz on jewelry & decor (At least I am), but rarely on a purse! One day while lost on the infinite world of Pinterest I found an image of a random purse (the first one), then a really nice girl called Kelsey Hartle gave me some useful info which I'll share right now with you...

All these bags are from a brand called "Copa Collection". They were a brazilian brand in the '70s that fashioned all of their bags / jewelry / accoutrements with a brutalist metal element. The majority of each item made had various raw stones adhered and each item was essentially one of a kind as they were not machine nor mass produced.

I'm loving the contrast of textures and materials. These pieces remind me of medieval warriors with all their leather and roughness.  I feel this is the kind of bag Daenerys Targaryen (Princess Khaleesi) from Game of Thrones would wear.  What do you think she'd carry in her bag? Dragon treats, perhaps. 

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Thanks Kelsey for the enlightenment ;)

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