Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ink Crush :: Minka Sicklinger

When you live in NY , there's too many options of places to go that you end up going to the same ones. One day I decided I wanted to go to a different area, since I always end up in Brooklyn (because I live there). So I went with my lover to Alphabet City in the East Village. Walking around I saw this beautiful tattoo parlor called East Side Ink and I immediately had to enter. I grabbed the first book I saw just to see what kind of artists they had. To my surprise the book I was drooling about was from this amazing ethnic flapper punk chick called Minka Sicklinger. It was love at the first sight. I didn't only love her black and white, simple, lineal illustrations but her style is extraordinary.

I'm digging the twist Minka gives to traditional tattoo. How she plays off with ancient indigenous influences and all the detailing she puts into all her work. She studied Fine Arts and then started a career as a fashion stylist. When she arrived to New York in 2007 illustration began to take over her styling work and now she works on skin, canvas, skateboards and textiles. 

Check out all her work at

For tattoo appointments contact:
Eastside Ink
97 Ave B (between E6th & E7th St
New York NY 10009
ph: (212) 477-2060

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