Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Un recopilado de musica peruana Rockanrolera // Peruvian Rock n' Roll compilation


I've been obsessed with Peru for a long time. Maybe it's because I've met very nice people form there or because I'm in love with their food, their textiles and culture. Maybe it's everything. Since we're still celebrating the sun (I wish I could here in NY) I decided to bring you some cool obscure tracks from mid '50s - '70s Peru. Nothing much different from what was popular on english-speaking countries, but this time in spanish and sometimes with an african influence. Latin America wasn't and isn't all about cumbia, andean, bachata, la cucaracha and tropical music. It's much much more.

Peru had the best rock scene from the subcontinent between mid '60s and mid '70s becoming pioneers of Rock-n-Roll music in Latin America. Peruvians made beats and rock n' roll in the most brutal and tough possible way predicting this way the birth of punk. They played instrumental rock, and brought surf to their landscape. Psychedelic & garage where part of this peruvian splendor as well. Some of them preferred to keep their loyalty of the new sounds by singing in english while others gave it a new twist by brining spanish lyrics to life, creating a refreshing sound never heard before in Latin America. 

Hope you like it :)

1. Solo Estoy - Los Yorks
2. En El Sol - Los Datsuns
3, Te Amo Mas - Jean Paul El Troglodita
4. Meshkalina - Traffic Sound
5. Light My Fire - Carlos Guerrero
6. Una Bruja en el Cusco - El Opio
7. Intensamente - Los Saicos
8. So Ando Contigo - The Same People
9. Abrazame Baby - Los York's
10. Cuarto Oscuro - Los Zheros
11. Salvaje - Los Saicos
12. El Humo Te Hace Mal - Los Peyotes
13. Pueblo Sin Compasión - La Tentación

Gracias Heduardo Peru por su maravillosa biblioiteca online de rock peruano!

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