Wednesday, September 26, 2012

<◉> DIY: GOD'S EYE <◉>


This is the kind of DIY I like; easy and inexpensive. Sometimes you spend money and time building stuff in the effort to "save" money (and the satisfaction of doing things yourself). A lot of times it ends up being a pain in the a$$ and at the end you end up with an unfinished project and less money in your pocket. Like we say in my country "Sin la soga y sin la cabra" ("Without the rope or the goat"...does that make sense in english?) I have a necklace that I started and never finished because I think it's going to take like one more month to finish it. So there it is, $40 bucks in materias that I could actually go and buy one already done on Etsy or something like that. 

These God's eyes are very easy to do. For the sticks, just go for a little walk on the beach and then on your way home, stop at a craft store to buy some yarn. You can do a very big one, or a few in different sizes and hang them all together in your wall. Could also make a very special birthday gift. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Tie off the first color on one of the sticks
2. Place the second stick perpendicular to the first and wrap in a criss-cross fashion to secure.
3. Send the yarn over the top of one stick end, wrapping it around and then sending it on to the following stick end. Repeat. Change colors as desired.

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