Wednesday, September 19, 2012


^^This one here is my gorgeous "little" sister. ^^

^^And this one here is me.^^

^^ And this one is Ale, my favorite hair stylist!^^

All my life I've been living with a "hair Via Crucis". Maybe because I lived in a tropical island where the weather is humid as hell, or because my African influence comes out through my hair.  It's been years and years of trial and error. The first stage started with the "Wet Look", co-starting Vavoom and Volumax hair products so my hair will always look curly but groomed and neat. Honestly I looked like a Chola. Who needs neat curly hair? That's a contradiction. Then I put on my handcuffs and started blowdrying my hair once or twice a week, depending on the level of cigarette smoke in bars. Rain, beach and gyms where treated with respect.  

Now let's talk about beautiful messy hair when you "don't care" about your hair. It's not that you will grow natty dreads, although they look f*cking rad! But just don't live for your hair.

First of all find a good hairstylist*. 

Secondly, find a color that won't need that much maintenance.

And thirdly, try different products until you find The One.
For me, 'Label M' Sea Salt Spray along with unrefined coconut oil (which I also use for cooking), works best. So there you have two uses for the oil.  If you have frizzy parts, take a curling iron and shape them. The frizz will come together as one beautiful curl. But you have to mess it up a little bit so it won't look like a "quinceañera" curl. For an extreme frizz situation get a Keratin treatment!
That's it, one less problem in your life. When you don't care you become more confident, and when you are confident you become sexy. You don't always have to look all neat. I believe 'effortless' makes it all about you, your persona, not about a fabricated being. That said, I still believe in hair do's, irons & blow dryers. I just don't think it should be an everyday thing, but if you do, go for it and embrace it as well ;)

*I know it's very hard to find a good hairstylist and mostly the good ones are not cheap, but it's a vital investment if you want pretty hair. Remember that the good ones are well educated and trained in the field. Like we say in spanish "El que quiere moño bonito que aguante jalón". Luckily I found mine and she's also one of my good friends. Her name is Alexandra Lugo. She's an expert on curly hair & short hair and the best thing is that she's not that expensive, considering she's based in New York City (Manhattan). She's located at Ruby 6, NY and in Manzana Studio, PR.

Y por ultimo... La Trevi con el Pelo Suelto! Gracias Rebecca Adorno :)

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