Monday, September 23, 2013

Insta Love

As much as I love coffee and being amazed by the steamed milk forest of cute animals drawn into my capuccino that I will look at for about one second before drinking away all it's beauty... I'm not a big fan of looking at other people's cups of coffee on Instagram. That said, here's a list of our favorite Instagram users (so far, and in no specific order) that are always setting the bar for what IG is really about. We will be sharing more as they if you have any suggestion let us know!

I recently discovered this super babe. Her IG includes lots of hot badass Americana-esque pictures. She'll make you want to own a bike, drink beers, and hang out in shiny undies.

His name is Fernando Samalot and he's a great musician and a great person. He's from Puerto Rico, and from the rest of the world. Everything is captured with his phone while traveling and meeting new people on his journeys. He writes about his experiences and the story behind every picture. An inspiring person to follow. 

This IG belongs to one of the Sugarhigh + Lovestoned babes: Chloe Chippendale. We love when she shoots film with her lover. I feel I'm looking at a friend's cool-aunt's 70's album that was painstakingly scanned one by one but it's so worth it at the end that you forgot that you spent the last 3 days in front of a computer doing the same thing over and over till the point you blacked out and suddenly you're doooooone. 


Oh and she also shares her amazing styling work, cool records and breathtaking locations.  

4. @simpsonscaps
What can I say.. It's screen shots from The Simpsons, with CAPS.


5. @minkasicklinger
We've already talked about this amazing tattoo artist. But we just can't get enough of her! Her feed will make you want to get every tattoo she creates. I love seeing what she's up to every day... so follow this lady if you're a tat person, want to get a tattoo, and are looking for some inspiration... or just to appreciate some good skin art. 

6. @brittneypanda
You may already know about this girl, but I couldn't leave her behind. Every time she posts a new picture I stare at the screen for at least 10 seconds, then I go back to see her previous work. Again. 

She has this mysterious / effortless / artistic feel in every image. Her pictures are kind of anonymous –she rarely shows her face– but you know it's her when you get to know her work. It's also worth mentioning that she shoots everything by herself! You definitively won't want to miss this one.

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  1. This is awesome!!! and thank you so much for sharing my IG, I feel so honored. I love everything you post, man I wish we could hang! xxx