Thursday, February 7, 2013

♥ What to gift ♥

Valentines should be a day of enjoying each other's company but sometimes it turns to be an excuse to get some cool stuff and have some love-y fun. Here's some Valentines gift ideas...

DIY (Do It Yourself!)

I love the idea of making your own gifts instead of buying them. It adds a special value you can't pay for anywhere. These arrows are a very nice detail which would look super cool later as a decoration piece. This could be a cool idea to share between friends as well. See how to make them >>here<<

BIY (Buy It Yourself)

The Amethyst is the stone of St. Valentine, who is said to have always worn it. During the Middle Ages in the days of romance and chivalry, if an amethyst was presented by a lady to her knight, or a bride to her husband in the shape of a heart set in silver, it was said to confer the greatest possible earthly happiness on the pair who would be blessed with good fortune for the remainder of their lives. Get "El Amuleto" >>here<<


One thing about buying super sexy lingerie for a special occasion is that you end up using it once in a while. The rest of the year is just sitting there in your closet screaming for sex. Not again! This is the perfect valentine's outfit since you can give infinite use to it. You can wear it later with some cool ripped jeans or some sexy shorts. 
 Get the Caperusita Poncho >>here<<


This is a nice excuse to get new jewelry ;) This classic Americana and genderless piece is a great valentine's gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend and a nice detail to remind your lover that a true relationship is about giving freedom and trust to each other.
Get the left wing ring >>here<<

*Note that this one might take more time to arrive since it's handmade by order.


Create a real "Love Potion". Me and my lover are not big fans of strawberry, champaign or chocolaty extra sweet drinks; more so on Valentine's. We feel a bit cloying doing that for "a special day" where everyone is doing it and it ends up not being that special anymore.  
I found this cocktail which is a nice twist to the classic "Old Fashion. It's called "Mixed berry and fig old fashion" It feels a bit more summery but for me, there's no season to have a nice drink. Get your bartender skills and get the recipe >>here<< (there are few more cocktails on that website if you want to keep exploring).


Little details like this are cool too. I love this little mexican loteria pouch. Perfect for stashing it with some all-natural "goodies" inside ;)

Get "El Corazón" pouch here


Get creatively intimate and have fun with your old polaroid. I think this is my favorite idea of all. You can get creative and make a puzzle out of your body photographing single body parts instead of the complete scenario. Like your eyes, nose and lips, boobs, belly.. and then you keep exploring. Let him/ her put all the pieces together. Have fun here :) 

If you don't have a polaroid check on craigslist or ebay or just make it digital and develop it. But Polaorids are more fun since you can also write on them and are more unique. 


"Mejor solo que mal acompañado" (Better alone than with bad company).  Single or not single throw a potluck party. It's always nice to spend time with friends, food and drinks ;)


 It's nice to do all these kinds of things but sometimes I think that a special day with your lover shouldn't resume into just one day, it should be every day, or better if it's a random day, not just a day marked by the calendar. Don't feel you HAVE to do something on this specific day, we're always making plans and living in a rush. A special day with your lover shouldn't be a stressful experience, so just chill and enjoy each other's company. That's the best gift you could give to each other.  

MAKE A SEXY (and cheesy / corny) VIDEO
Here's our last year Valentine's day featuring "Luis Miguel- Inolvidable"

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