Friday, December 14, 2012

...The Flow...

Mexico: Day 27. from Whalebones on Vimeo.

One of the greatest things on this digital era is getting to know people around the world and the amazing things they do. We've been following Mark Rose aka "Whalebones" on Instagram and he's been teasing us with this amazing series, making us anxious every time to see the complete result. So here it is. It's been well worth the wait. All 3 are acrylic on printed cotton rag. The photos (in order), are from Banff in Canada, Copenhagen in Denmark and Sayulita in Mexico. 

Mark said: "The basic truth behind the story without delving into the psychedelic encouragement was that I closed my eyes one night in Portugal and could see the energy flow through the sky, dance on the wind and shimmer under the full moon. When I finally opened my eyes, things were never the same."

We would love to keep seeing more stuff from you Mark! So much talent and beauty in your work. Ohh and he also painted his surfboard and it looks rad! Maybe later we can share it with ya'll.

This is Whalebones Magazine's tumblr >>

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