Wednesday, November 14, 2012


"Because this is our land, getting in for free is the trip"

The Mar y Sol Pop Festival was a Woodstock-like music festival that took place in Manatí,Puerto Rico, on April 1–3, 1972. It was held on 420 acres of countryside by Los Tubos beach in Vega Baja on the north shore of the island. Many critics considered this festival a disaster. Several accidental deaths, a murder, rapes, etc. But a New York Times reporter said "It was a success -- ask the people"

These pictures just make me wish, again, that I had lived in the holly 70's. I remember asking my dad about Woodstock and he told me about this fest. I bet he had a blast! Just makes me feel jealous :/ Thanks so much to Daliana Alvarado Burgos for sharing this collection with us on our facebook page

*Sorry for all the nasty watermarks, I know it's a bummer. It is impossible to get pictures of Mar y Sol without any of this nasty shit.  

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  1. Jamas lo habia visto. Mucho escuche a mi mama hablar de el y de lo bien que la paso. Ya veo que era justo como me lo pinto.